Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sad Day

Thursday night Caitlin was getting the dogs fed and she said "Mom Bo's not here." I went outside and called his name and I got a sick feeling. He can't get out of our backyard. So I went looking in the back and he was laying by the air conditioner and he was not moving. He had passed away. We have had Bo for almost 11 years. We had him before we had kids. He was a good dog. He loved the kids and the kids loved him. Tyler had a very hard time with him dying. We will miss you boy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter again

Saturday after I got home from work we dyed eggs and got ready for the bunny. It was fun, Joseph missed out he had to work that night. My niece and her family stayed over and on Sunday my mom and dad and sister Angie and some of her kids came over for dinner. It was yummy, thanks everyone. It was nice to visit and see my family.

Easter weekend

My family has a tradition of going to the Vally of Fire on the Saturday before Easter. My mom has a money egg hunt for the kids and they love it. We spend all day out there climbing on rocks and usually playing baseball with the plastic ball and bat. This year I had to work, so Joseph, my very sweet husband, took all the kids and went with out me. They had a blast!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New house pics

Here are some more updates on our house. We laid tile in the kitchen. It looks great. Thanks Carl!! This is before we totally cleaned off the tile. It is much prettier when it is clean.

Here are the paint colors that we chose for the kitchen and family room. I love the red, Joseph is not a huge fan. More pictures to come, my wood for the rest of the first floor should be here this week!!