Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's a dogs life

What a life. Lay around all day in a dog bed with a blanket thanks to Tyler. Bo is the one in the bed and Kuma is behind him. We have had Bo for almost 10 years, we got Kuma about 6 years ago. Abby loves the dogs, she hugs them and crawls all over them. They are great dogs. The are great protectors. I don't think anyone will try to get in our backyard.

Say Cheese

We had family pictures taken this last weekend. I couldn't get my scanner to work for I had to take a picture of the picture hence the blur. The orignals look really good. It's amazing to see how much the kids have grown sice own last family picture.

My husband is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and this is a dream picture for him. The whole family in Dallas Cowboys shirts.

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's been awhile

It has been busy, holiday time. My family was down for Thanksgiving we had a really good time. I had my sister and her family and brother and his family sleeping at my house. The kids just love to play with their cousins.

Abby was so tired.We rented a bounce house and this is my brother playing bull with the kids. They all slept well that night.This is my mom with Caitlin, Abby and Libby.