Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It been awhile since I've posted, lots of things have happened. Abby turned 3, Tyler turned 10, Caitlin turns 8 today, and Chloe had her 6 month check up and Joseph turned 33. Not to mention, I finished mt first semester of school, yeah!!
Here are some random pictures of the family.Chloe is such a good baby, I can't believe she is already 7 months old. At her 6 months check up she weight 15lbs 4 oz and was 25 inches tall. She is so much fun. We love you Chloe Jo.

This is Caitlin's angry face. She was mad for some reason. She is such a good girl and a huge help with Chloe and Abby. We love you, sis. Happy Birthday. More pictures to come.

Tyler turned 10 in June. He got the new transformers game and we went to see the movie at the IMAX on opening day, his birthday. We had a lot of fun. Tyler we love you.

Abby is so funny, she keeps us rolling. She thinks she is about 10 years old, I have to remind her that she is only 3. In this picture she was helping me frost Joseph cake for his 33rd birthday in June.

I just love when I can get a picture of Chloe smiling and so happy.

Here is Kuma and Chloe, she loves her. Kuma lets her grabs her fur and just lays by her and takes it.